Shark Incidents

Out of over 556 species of Sharks in our oceans,
only 3 are considered as a risk to Humans.
These Are:

The Bull Shark
(Carcharhinus leucas)

The Tiger Shark
(Galeocerdo cuvier)

The Great White Shark
(Carcharodon carcharias)


Having said that, many divers are diving with Bull & Tiger Sharks every single day and nothing ever happens.

Divers have also on occasions encountered Great White Sharks without any incidents.

Each time we go into the sea, we have to remember that we are the intruders. We have to respect not only the Sharks, but the entire marine environment.

Yes, there are times when Shark and Human interactions end up on a bad note, but we cannot say that the shark had a human dinner in mind.

MALTA 1890
MALTA 1956

In July of 1956, JACK SMEDLEY, 40, is believed to have been attacked by a Shark whilst swimming at St. Thomas bay, in Malta.


Smedley (right top) an Ex British Navy Intelligence Officer, now working as a Teacher, was in the water with his ex-student  ANTHONY GRECH, (right bottom).

Grech told me that he holds no grudge against the Shark that sadly took the life of his friend.


"Our splashing and swimming must have attracted the Shark, that must have been cruising nearby. The sea is his domain not ours, and we were at the wrong place at the wrong time."



​It is impossible to talk about Sharks without mentioning the name of Australian Rodney Fox.

For the last 58 years, Rodney Fox has dedicated his life to observing, studying, and filming sharks. He is considered as the No.1 Ambassador for Sharks Protection and Conservation. Hundreds of people worldwide learned about Sharks from meeting Rodney Fox. Millions of others {like me}, who have not had the chance to meet him, were still inspired by him. All this, he did after having miraculously escaped from the jaws of Carcharodon carcharias, the Great White Shark.

That Day in December 1963, did not only change Rodney's life forever, but it was also going to have an impact on all those people that came into contact with Rodney or even just read about him.


After having recovered from the Shark attack, which left him with massive scars on his chest, back, and arm, Rodney decided not to go out on a vendetta against his attacker, but to learn all he could about their behavior and to teach the world to respect sharks and protect them.

Today Rodney Fox, the ex-Australian spearfishing champion, is still being attacked, but by tourists, researchers, and film makers, not only for his story but for his knowledge and his experience.

Together with his son Andrew, they lead expeditions into the world of Sharks, and show the importance why these magnificent creatures should be protected. Rodney was the first man in Australia to start fighting for Shark Protection Laws, and his hard work got results. Carcharodon carcharias {The Great White Shark} is now a protected species in Australia and also in some other countries including Malta.

Ever since I saw the first photos of Rodney Fox, and than watched the classic documentary "Blue Water White Death", I was inspired by him. How could a man, who nearly lost his life to a Shark, be so devoted to their protection?

After having spent 50 years learning as much as possible about Sharks and Rodney Fox, and even had the chance to see them up close, I think I know the answer. One thing I surely know is that he showed the World the true beauty of these Magnificent Mysterious and Misunderstood Creatures.

Maybe one-day, another of my Dreams will come true and Rodney Fox will introduce me to the Great White Sharks of south Australia.

Thank you Rodney for all you have done for Sharks and for me.



In the year 2000-- 80 people were bitten by sharks, of which 11 were killed, but that same year, in New York City alone 1600 people were bitten by other people!!!




“Coconuts kill around 150 people worldwide each year, which makes them about ten times more dangerous than sharks,” says Brent Escott, managing director of Club Direct. “People may worry about being bitten by sharks when visiting Australia, but I would suggest that we would be better advised not to sit under coconut trees.”



Total Number of Abortions,
1973 - 1999 = 37,836,648

Total Number of Shark Attack Deaths
in 419 years. was 511!!



Between 1990 & 2005, Lions have killed more than 560 people in Tanzania alone!!