An Important Message from The Sharkman.



Dear Shark friends.

Since even before the Dinosaurs, Sharks have ruled the oceans of the world. Other creatures that evolved after have become extinct, yet Sharks continued to evolve and survived. But how long will they last? Will they survive the next hundred years?

These magnificent, mysterious and misunderstood creatures, like every other animal on this planet, must hunt its food to survive. Research has showed us that although Sharks are very good hunters, they can also survive for weeks without eating. 

Since mankind started making use of the Sea, stories of horrific encounters with man-eating monsters have been told. These monsters soon became the worst nightmare for anyone venturing on or into the water.


There are over 556 different shark species, and today, we know that out of these, only a handful are considered as a risk to humans. Records show that the average number of Shark attacks in one year is less than a hundred worldwide, and of these, less than 8% are fatal. So Sharks are not the monsters that our ancestors claimed them to be. 

Where than is the Danger? There is minimal danger to humans but now let us look at the other side of the issue. We know that Sharks mature very late in life, {between 7 to 30 years old} and that the reproduction cycle can take as long as 2 years. 

Sharks are now facing huge problems that unless something is done, they will not see the next millennium. Pollution of our oceans is a big problem for sharks and so is habitat loss but it is not the biggest. The worst is over-fishing. Sharks have always been hunted for many reasons mainly revenge, souvenirs, clothing.... etc.... but now they are also being hunted in massive amounts for food. 

Millions of Sharks are being massacred every year just for the sake of having their fins cut off for an oriental dish called "Shark Fin Soup". The process is that when the Shark is caught, the fins and tail are chopped off and the mutilated Shark is thrown back into the water to die a slow painful death, or be savagely attacked by other hungry predators. This is called "Shark finning".


Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, are the largest producers of Shark Fin Soup, killing over 700,000 sharks every year. No one knows the exact totals but this is about 200 times more than it was in 1995. Slowly their Ships are invading all the Oceans of the World, even here in the Mediterranean. As soon as one area is considered to have no more sharks around, they move off to another location. Just for the sake of this so-called aphrodisiac dish that costs around $30. So whilst those hunting the Sharks are getting very rich, the sharks are being wiped out. 

This trade in the orient has grown to such extent that the Gang Wars by traders have out grown those of the Mafia. 

A number of Countries have already banned Shark finning including the USA and in the EU. Even as I write this, Shark conservation groups continue lobbying for a world wide ban on shark finning. 

Looking back at the Statistics, 6.5 Million sharks are killed by humans for every 1 human that Dies from a Shark attack in a year!!! If nothing is done about this scandal ... there will be NO sharks in the next Millennium.

Everyday that this massacre goes on, Sharks are slowly getting closer to the dangerous levels of extinction. We have to do something and we have to act fast. 

Also other large amounts of sharks are being caught as a bycatch by fishermen, plus others end up in Aquariums and do not survive for long. It is for this reason that this website was created in 1997, To raise awareness towards Shark Conservation issues. Up to some small extent, it has made an impact, but that is not enough!!! You can also help make a difference!! 

We need a lot of help from those that are willing to take this challenge with us. Sharks have been labelled as Monsters and Man-eaters for a long time, and to convince the right people to pass laws for Shark Protection, takes a lot of hard work. 


Here are some of the things that you can do: 

1) Help us spread the word that Sharks need to be protected. 

2) Talk to your Parliament members and Representatives and let them know why Sharks need to be protected.

3) Stop eating Shark food products. 

4) Stop buying Shark items like real Jaws, Shark teeth or Shark leather items.

5) Do not take part but instead Oppose all Shark Fishing events.

6) Help dispel the Monster and Man-eater image that the media love to show.

7) Support Shark Awareness and Conservation Issues World-Wide.

It is up to people like us to protect these magnificent creatures before it is too late.

Thank you.

Alex "The Sharkman" Buttigieg 

Sharkman's World

Updated: 1st. Nov. 2023

Between 2007 & 2011, Sharkman's World was an active member of the Shark Alliance and successfully faught for the closing of loopholes in shark finning bans and the shark action plans.

The Horror of Shark Finning.
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